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Whole House Dehumidifier

When the temperature rises and it gets hot in the middle of summer, it can get uncomfortable in your house. When the temperature rises and it is accompanied by a high level of humidity, the discomfort level can soar to new heights. When the humidity is high, the temperature doesn't even have to be record-breaking to create an uncomfortable situation. High humidity can leave a permanent film of sweat on your forehead, it can cause fungal skin infections, it can leave you lying in bed with no blankets, and the windows wide open, praying for a cool breeze.

HVAC Warehouse carries a range of whole house dehumidifiers from Aprilaire that will provide the long term benefits you expect. Contact us today and we will help you choose the right model to fit your needs and install it for you according to code.

What's the Big Deal About Humidity?

Areas with high moisture levels tend to breed new kinds of life. In your home, this life may consist of mold or bacterial spores that carry with them some unpleasant side effects. People with asthma and other lung issues typically have a hard time breathing clearly, when the moisture levels are high, and allergens such as dust mites favor moist environments to grow and flourish. No one wants this type of situation in their own home, which is why using a dehumidifier can help you control the indoor humidity, no matter what is happening outside.

How Humidity Steals Your Money
Have you ever been in your home and thought it felt warm, even though the thermostat was displaying a reasonable temperature? For many Virginia Beach homeowners in that situation, turning down the thermostat is the natural response.

But, of course, this increases your air conditioner's energy use, which costs you money.

So where does humidity come into play? Humid air feels warmer to us because it makes it more difficult for our bodies to cool off. Therefore, when the air in your home is humid, the scenario above happens more often.

The solution: Take the humidity out of your home. A dehumidifier automatically removes humidity from your home and keeps humidity levels at a comfortable level.

How Humidity Destroys Your Home
In addition to being uncomfortable and costing you money on increased air conditioning bills, humidity also destroys your home and your furniture. High humidity levels can cause a multitude of problems in your home, including:

  • Warps wood furniture
  • Peels wallpaper and paint
  • Creates musty odors
  • Damages wood floors
  • Causes pianos and other instruments to go out of tune quickly
  • Harms books and paper products
  • Serves as a breeding ground for mold and mildew

If your home has one or more of these problems, you may have excess humidity in your home that is destroying your furniture and wreaking havoc on your belongings.

The solution: Use a dehumidifier to keep humidity at a level safe for you home and furniture.

The summers in Virginia Beach are humid. That is a fact of life that we must live with. However, that does not mean your home and wallet must suffer from this villain, as well.

How a Dehumidifier Lowers Humidity

It seems almost magical how a dehumidifier can just suck the moisture out of the air and deposit it somewhere else. In reality, dehumidifiers use a refrigeration system to attract the warm moisture in the air and remove it. The water usually collects in a tank, which is emptied.

How to Select a Dehumidifier

Make sure you consult with a professional dehumidifier installation company when you decide to bring one into your home. It's important to get the proper size for the amount of space you need to cover, and for the level of humidity in your area. Naturally, some areas of the country are far more humid than others, so a professional consultation will help you get the right system in your home and have a comfortable indoor life with your family.

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