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UV Air Sanitizer

To say the indoor air you breathe contains a variety of pollutants is an understatement. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, yet most indoor air is up to five times dirtier than the air outside. Tiny particles, not visible to the naked eye are always floating around in the air, entering your lungs with every breath. Other contaminants such as bacteria, spores and viruses can also be airborne in your home. These common air quality problems don't normally cause any acute trouble, but they can cause allergies and general breathing problems that make life uncomfortable.

Does a UV Air Sanitizer Really Clean the Air?

One way to tackle your indoor air quality is with a UV air sanitizer. As the name suggests, this product uses UV light to destroy many of the contaminants in your air, before they reach your lungs. UV air sanitizers are installed as part of your home's HVAC system, so the air that circulates through the system has to pass through the UV light before it is sent into the rooms of your home.

What are Some UV Air Sanitizer Advantages?

Your peace of mind and the health of anyone living in your home are the biggest benefits of installing a UV air sanitizer in your house. These units can remove up to 98% of airborne organisms, so you know the air will be cleaner when there is one installed and working. With a UV air sanitizer, mold won't have the opportunity to form inside your HVAC system and your family won't keep passing colds to one another for weeks on end.

Professional Installation Is Crucial

Certain types and amounts of UV light have the potential to cause damage to living cells, which is one reason you should only allow a qualified professional to install your UV air sanitizer. Since it is part of the HVAC system, it's also important not to damage any other parts of the system during installation. For optimum performance and for the safety of your family and your house, call for professional installation and clean up your indoor air as soon as possible.

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