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Air Handlers & Coils

What Does the Evaporator Coil Do?

The evaporator coil changes the hot air inside your home into cooler air. The coils are essentially tubes that are filled with refrigerant in the form of liquid. As the warm air passes over the coils, it is absorbed and the liquid turns to a gas. Next, the gas moves onto condenser coils, where the warm air is released and the refrigerant turns back into a liquid to continue the process. The evaporator coil also performs the opposite function, exchanging cooler air for warm air during the colder months.

Signs of Evaporator Coil Issues

It's easy to see that any issues with your evaporator coil should be dealt with quickly, no matter what time of year it is. If you notice that the temperatures you set on your thermostat aren't being met inside the house, you may have a problem with the evaporator coil.

Sometimes, damaged coils can cause your heater or air conditioner to power on and off intermittently and without warning. Unusual sounds coming from your AC system or leaking refrigerant may also be signs that your evaporator coils are not working properly.

Don't Try to Figure It Out Alone

If you suspect damaged evaporator coils in your AC system, make sure you call for professional service as soon as possible. A professional technician will know if you need a quick cleaning, a repair or a complete replacement. Since the evaporator coils have such an important job and they can leak refrigerant, choosing a professional technician is the smart thing and the responsible thing to do. You can have a system that continues to work the way you want it to, and be environmentally safe at the same time.

Description of an Air Handler

The air handler is responsible for regulating airflow through your HVAC system. It helps to circulate the air, which is obviously an integral part of the process. Your air handler includes filter chambers, blowers, dampers, heating and cooling coils, and sound attenuators. Air handlers are connected to the ductwork in your home, which is what enables them to circulate the air to every room in the house. If one or more elements in your air handler aren't working effectively, it won't be able to do its job and you won't have the warming or cooling you want.

How Your Air Handler Can Malfunction

Something as simple as a dirty air filter can cause your air handler to malfunction. This can be controlled with routine maintenance checks on your system. Your motor can also burn out with extended use, which means your fan isn't working and the air isn't circulating properly. Other potential issues include damaged fan belts, and drain line problems that cause water damage or even mold.

Seek Professional Service

It's always important to contact a reputable repair company when you notice some part of your system isn't working correctly. Since each part relies on all the other parts to consistently work well, you must make sure they are all in top condition, and this includes your air handler. Professional service means your own peace of mind because you know an expert is handling it. If your warranty is still valid, it also means you won't fall into any fine print kind of traps where using the wrong service person voids the warranty. Overall, professional repair just makes sense.

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