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Digital Setback Thermostat

Digital Setback Thermostat

Saving energy with virtually no effort

A digital setback thermostat is designed for people with fixed schedules that take them in and out of the home. With it, you can program the temperature to ‘set-back’ when you are not at home. This feature keeps you comfortable when you’re home and saves you money when you’re not by reducing the energy needs to heat and cool your home.

Digital setback thermostats are available in what are called 5+2 day configurations and 7-day configurations. The difference is flexibility. A 5+2 day configuration allows you to set Monday–Friday as a group setting with up to four different time settings. This configuration also allows you to set Saturday and Sunday as a separate group with up to four different time settings per day. The 7-day configuration thermostat allows you to program each day differently with up to four different time settings per day.

What are the Advantages of Having a Digital Setback Thermostat?

A digital setback thermostat allows the temperature to be regulated in the home according to the time of day and other factors. This keeps a home comfortable and maximizes efficiency.

One useful capability of a digital setback thermostat is being set to remain inactive during the daytime when the home is empty. Many homes are empty in the middle of the day as residents go out to work or school.

At the same time, temperature extremes sometimes occur in the middle of the day. This is especially the case in the summer season. A digital setback thermostat can be set to optimize energize usage for times of the day when a comfortable interior temperature is really necessary.

Digital setback thermostats come with many options. They can be run on cycles of varying durations. They can be programmable for variations in HVAC demands according to whether it's daytime or nighttime, a week day or weekend day, or a variety of other specifications.

They are not only beneficial for the money that they save, but they are also good for the environment because they conserve energy and reduce energy consumption.

Will This Save me Money?

When properly used, a digital setback thermostat can save homeowners a great deal of money and reduce a household's carbon footprint. This the of thermostat has been shown to run as much as ten times less than a traditional thermostat.

Statistics show that a home can use as much as 1 percent less energy for heating and cooling purposes for every degree that a thermostat is turned down for a period of 8 hours during a time of the year when the heater is being used.

Of course, energy savings will be affected by the climate, but this gives a general idea of just how significant energy savings can be.

You might not be aware that by adjusting the thermostat during certain seasons as little as a few degrees can have a significant positive impact on your utility bills.

That savings is not only good for you financially, you are helping to lessen your carbon footprint and preserve those limited resources of the planet. Try some of these simple tips for adjusting your thermostat this season and enjoy the rewards.

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Summer

During the hot summer months, the best setting for your thermostat each day should be 78 degrees. During the night when the temperatures outside drop, you should have your thermostat set to 79 or even 80 degrees.

Running a ceiling fan at night will circulate the air and keep the house feeling cooler. During the day you can close blinds and curtains in room with abundant sunshine to cut down on the heat accumulating in each room. Run ceiling fans during the day to keep the air temperature inside the house consistent, allowing the cooling system to take longer breaks during the hottest times of the day.

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Fall

When fall arrives, these days can fluctuate from extremely hot to cold very quickly. Leave the settings the same as you would for either winter or summer.

For cold days, leave the heat at 68 degrees, and on warm days raise the air conditioning settling to 78 degrees. These extreme variations do not usually last long, and ceiling and floor fans can do wonders on hot and humid days.

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Winter

When the cold winds of winter blow, the tendency to raise that thermostat could cost you in huge utility bills. Set the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day and the inside of the house will be quite comfortable If you feel chilly, throwing on a flannel shirt or sweater will save you money and keep you just as warm.

At night when you are warm and toasty under the quilt and blankets, lower the thermostat a few degrees until you arise in the morning.

Those few degrees will have a huge impact on the amount of resources you draw each day from the furnace or HVAC system.

If you do not have a programmable thermostat, be sure to call your local HVAC repair company and have them install one. It makes the process of setting the right temperature hands-free.

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